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OSC Referees

Referee Entry Level Spanish Class
August 5-7 at Cesar Chavez
Contact Don Levine to register
(510) 421-0254

No Laminated Pass, No play
District play requires a laminated player pass with the D4 stamp. House play requires a laminated player pass with the player's name, photograph, team, and age group; the house pass may be produced either in LeagueOne or Sportability, and may or may not carry a registrar's stamp.

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Premier League/State Cup/Regional/RAL - Team Handbook
The authoritative source for all Norcal competitions

Finally, if you are working a top-level Norcal RAL (Regional Academy League) game, you need to review this document for special rules and procedures.

Rule Differences
"Cheat Sheet" - Printable Wallet Card

Team Referee Requirement
All teams must indentify a referee for their games to be scheduled. Please fill out the form and send it to OSC referee coordinator Don Levine.

>> OSC Team Referee (English)
>> OSC Team Referee (Spanish)

Game Protocol

Before the Game

  • arrive at least 30 minutes before the game
  • dress professionally, tuck in shirt, pull up the socks etc.
  • avoid wearing hats or sunglassess unless it is absolutely necessary
  • inspect the field, nets, corner flags (write any anomalies in the game card)
  • get game card, player passes from the coaches
  • check in players
    • absolutely NO jewelry, Armstrong band, hard cast etc
    • check players' equipments, shin guard, no baseball cleats
    • make sure every player has a LAMINATED player pass (no pass, no play)
  • pregame talk between Referee and Asst Referees (if you are lucky to have a team of
    remind AR to stay with second to last defender
    what is Center Referee expected Asst Referees to do, call fouls or not
    pregame talk to parent line persons
    only signal ball in and out; give direction if capable
    do not call offside

Coin Toss

  • call in captains
  • visitor captain call the coin toss
  • winner choose side of field, loser kick off in the first half

Game Time

  • Call fouls, avoid playing Advantages in younger age group because everyone expects you to call foul.
  • Have Fun

After the game

  • monitor handshakes between teams
  • shake hand with players and coaches
  • fill out game card including the following information if applied
    • yellow cards info; team, jersey #, name, cysa id, time, reason of yellow card
    • red cards info; as above
    • coaches and players behavior that you want the league to know
  • License referees sign the game card (not parent line persons)
  • Return player passes to coaches
  • Fill out and mail Send Off Report within 24 hours if you gave out any red card. Depending on the game, check the Jack London website on where the report should be sent to.
  • Enter the Game Report in MySoccerLeague
  • Game Card
    • For Jack London house league, keep the Game Card until end of season
    • For District 4 games, give the game card to winning coach or home team in case of tie
    • For GSSL Class I game, mail the report within 24 hours
    • For Norcal game, give the game report to the Home Team
OSC Referee Coordinator

Don Levine

Referee Resources