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OSC Coach Accreditation and License Requirements

Please be sure to review and adhere to all of the licensing requirements below, and take advantage of the coaching resources. If you have ideas to improve content, please contact our Coaching Director - Mauricio Hernandez.

CYSA License Requirements
CYSA Licenses apply to recreational coaches in Jack London Youth Soccer League (JLYSL), and competitive coaches in CYSA – Cal Soccer League. An excellent overview of CYSA Licenses can be found on the CYSA District IX site.

CYSA District 4 Coach License Policy Summary:

  • Class 4 (recreational) coaches in JLYSL require a minimum of a CYSA F License.
  • Class 3 (competitive) coaches in CSYA – Cal Soccer League require a minimum of a CYSA E License and continued coaching education and licensing is strongly encouraged.

NorCal License Requirements
Coaches in NorCal Regional Leagues (Class 3) and Premiere Leagues (Class 1) are expected to have a minimum coaching license in line with the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA) Coaching Diplomas for the age group they coach.

  • Youth Level III for U6-U10
  • Youth Level IV for U11-U12
  • Youth Level V (Regional) and above for older age groups

In addition, Norcal requires annual continuing education for all of its coaches. A summary of the continuing education requirements and the courses recognized can be found here.

NorCal maintains a calendar of upcoming Fiorentina coaching clinics, and NSCAA Coaching Diploma courses. NorCal partners with Fiorentina to provide advanced scientifically researched and age appropriate training for youth soccer. This training was developed and proven highly successful in Italy, as Fiorentina placed five players on their last national team, compared to two players for the next club.

Both the Fiorentina classes and NSCAA classes are highly recommended to help advance your coaching skills, and help our kids get the most out of their experience in Oakland Soccer Club.

Coaching License/Education Reimbursement Policy
Oakland Soccer Club actively encourages and supports development of our coaches. All required licensing will be reimbursed fully if the coach completes a year of coaching in the club, when the license is obtained. Additional continuing education is supported with preapproval for courses costing more than $110.00 in a calendar year, per team. Reimbursement is accomplished using the following process:

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  • Complete your course and get relevant diploma, license or certificate.
  • Complete the OSC Funds Request Form, attach copies of the payment information and relevant diploma, license or certificate, and mail as directed on the form.

Team Referee Requirements
Team Referee Requirements

Positive Coaching Alliance

We are committed to a culture of positive coaching and will provide an environment where our players thrive physically and emotionally while learning to play soccer. Our program is a place where:

  • Players Play
  • Coaches Coach
  • Parents Cheer
  • Referees are Human

This philosophy has been adopted and promoted by the Positive Coaching Alliance, a national non-profit youth sports organization founded in 1998 within the Stanford University Athletic department. We expect all coaches in Oakland Soccer Club to coach to these principles, and promote them enthusiastically throughout our community, including all players, parents and fans, as well as coaches.

Coaching Classes
Coaching Resources

Team Roster / Game Cards Template
Used for games in JLSYL or CYSA – Cal Soccer League. This .doc template allows you to maintain your roster and print it off in a size that fits well on the blank game cards. This template works with Avery 5168 labels and saves a lot of time before the game trying to write down your roster.

Jade Soccer
2433 MacArthur Blvd
Oakland, CA 94602
(510) 482-0900

OSC partners with Jade Soccer to provide teams equipment at the beginning of every soccer year (Fall season). Every team gets a stipend for equipment purchases. You complete an order form and call it in to Jade ahead of time. They are a good source for items that are infrequently purchased like folding benches, pugs, ladders or cones.

OSC Logo
The OSC logo is required to be on each team jersey (either on the chest or sleeve). Here is a pdf you can provide to the venor of your choice.

NSCAA Coaching Resources

NorCal/Fiorentina Coaching References

Coerver Coaching

  • Coerver is another coaching style that emphasizes individual skills development and small sided games, which is the recommended approach for youth players (you’ll see that in all coaching systems).
  • Information on their camps can be found at their website.
  • Some of their drills and games can be found on youtube.