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Oakland Soccer Club (OSC) Assessment

We are excited that the OSC board of directors has appointed us as co-presidents of the club. OSC has talented players and coaches who dedicate their valuable time and experience making great sacrifices for the love of our community and for soccer. We would value your thoughts on where the club is now and where it should proceed. We and the OSC board of directors will use your feedback to inform future plans for the club. All feedback will be strictly confidential, so please feel free to respond honestly.
Thank you,
Edward Stephen and Iliana Rivera

Questionnaire for OSC coaches and members >> Clic aquí para ver la versión en español

What is working well for OSC?

Are you satisfied with OSC? Why or why not?

What would you like to see from OSC leadership?

Please respond to each item below with one of the following: Satisfied – Neutral – Not Satisfied

What do you currently see as the biggest obstacle for OSC, if any?

OSC is a true grassroots organization. Our player registration costs are a fraction of neighboring clubs and we rely on volunteers to remain sustainable.

Any other comments or suggestions?